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Taylor Chiropractor : Dr. Erik Weber

My Chiropractor succeeded where doctor after doctor failed…

Dr. Erik Weber

Dr. Erik Weber

I always knew I wanted to be in healthcare, but I did not always know I wanted to be a Chiropractor. That all changed during the summer of my sophomore year at UT Austin. I had the plan to become a Pharmacist (I know, polar opposite of Chiropractic), and during my sophomore year interned with a very busy pharmacy. I very quickly realized that this was not the path for me. I love people, but it was very depressing to see so many unhappy people every day. I couldn’t see going through that for the rest of my life.
Fast forward to that summer, when I’m working as a labor hand for Valero pipeline company. Most of our work was in South Texas, which is hot, hot, hot! One day as I was clearing out some brush I started having trouble breathing. It felt like I was having an asthma attack, but I had never had asthma. The rest of the day I struggled to breath, and made a doctor’s appointment the next day.

That doctor couldn’t figure out what happened so he sent me to another doctor who sent me to another doctor, who sent me….you get the drift. Finally, a friend of mine sent me to his Chiropractor.

I had been to Chiropractors as a kid, and was skeptical that he could help with my breathing. He explained to me how a subluxation in the spine can cause the body not to work right, examined me, x-rayed me, and started adjusting me the next day. After a few weeks of this, I had no more breathing symptoms, and don’t to this day as long as I have my regular maintenance adjustments. After this I was sold…I started looking into Chiropractic as a profession, and entered Chiropractic college after my Junior year. The rest is history.

Chiropractic Education

I attended Texas Chiropractic College in Pasadena, TX. After the first week of classes, I knew I had made the right choice. Chiropractic had helped me with my breathing troubles, sure, but until that first week I had no idea that Chiropractic was such a powerful healing tool. I felt like I was waking up to reality for the first time. I remember the first time I truly understood the power of Chiropractic care like it was yesterday…I’m sure a light bulb turned on over my head and I had a funny look on my face. The power that made the body heals the body. It’s such a simple concept, yet it took me all this time to learn it!

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

My wife Jenn, our daughters Bridget and Chloe, our son, Jackson, and I love doing just about anything outdoors, particularly if water is involved. If it were up to us we would be at the beach or lake every weekend. Our favorite beaches are around the Galveston and Port Aransas areas, but we’ll put our toes in just about anywhere. All the stress of daily life seems to melt away when you’re on the water and miles from anyone else.

The breathing incident back in college opened my eyes to the possibilities of Chiropractic, and has gone a long way to improve the health of my own family. Our oldest daughter Bridget had a very traumatic birth, and was born barely breathing. As a dad I remember freaking out and thinking ‘oh no, what do I do’, but thankfully my Chiropractic mind took over and I gently nudged the nurses out of my way and adjusted Bridget’s upper back within minutes of her birth. After her adjustment she took a bigger breath, so I stepped out of the way to let the nurses work and checked on Jenn. Both Bridget and Chloe are adjusted on a weekly basis now, and both are extremely healthy and happy kids.

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